2012   Architectural Institute of Japan Award
2012   The Japan Institute of Architecture Award
2012   Japan Federation of Architects and Building Engineers Associations Award
2006   Building Constructors Society Award
2006   2006 Annual Architectural Design Commendation of the Architectural institute of Japan
2005   The Sustainable Architecture Award; The Japan Institute of Architecture
2005   Japan Good Design Award Gold Prize
2003   The New Energy Conservation Award Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
2002   Japan Federation of Architecture and Building Engineers Association Award
2002   First Prize: Shiroishi Elderly Housing Competition
2001   Chiba city Architecture Award
2001   Architectural Institute of Japan, 2001 Selected Architectural Designs
2000   Kanagawa Architecture Award
2000   The Japan Institute of Architecture prize best young architect of the year
1999   First Prize: Shinonome District E Housing Design Proposal competition
1999   The Japanese Society of Commercial Space Designers: the best designers award
1996   Selected SD Review
1995   Finalists: Tajima Dome Competition
1995   First prize: Maebashi Revitalization Competition
1995   Fellowship: Housing & Community Foundation
1994   Finalist: Komatsu Dome Competition
1993   Sho-Kankyo Design Award
1993   Chubu Architecture Award
1991   Sho-Kankyo Design Award
1989   JA House Yoshioka Award